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Forgot to mention that the small town quay for daytime stops is FREE!!

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In lieu of not having a half term I decided to arrange a mid-term weekend on the boat, just to keep me going to till the visit in the summer. Flying from Newcastle proved relatively straight forward, although with an hour on the metro at the beginning and another hour and a quarter to drive to the boat, it took most of the day to get there and it was borreltijd by the time I arrived (quelle domage).

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Going there...?

The second edition, published in 2016, includes a completely new section on recommended routes as well as fully updated details and many new photos. 

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If you have comments or corrections please do send them in, and these will be included on the updates page.

In the book I describe all the navigable waterways and these can be joined together in innumerable ways to create all sorts of cruising routes. In this section I give a few of my favourite routes and some of those popular with regular visitors to the Dutch waterways.

Each route has a brief description and a map so you can see an overview of where the route will take you, and on the map the recommended stopping places are highlighted. To find out more about each of the venues go to the Places section where you will find a more detailed map of that area, with information on moorings, facilities and attractions.