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Zeeland & general comments

Page 8: It might be worth mentioning that there no longer appear to be any terrestrial television transmissions in the Netherlands, so one has to rely on using a satellite dish. Our UK set up worked fine everywhere even, to my surprise, in forests of masts, but I was disappointed not to be able to receive Dutch TV for the local news and weather forecasts. It seems that the Dutch satellite transmissions use a different system so that we would have needed a different digibox and a Dutch address to obtain the requisite card in order to do so.
Pages 23 and 25: Sluis Kats is actually the sluice. The lock for entering and leaving the Veersemeer is the Zandkreeksluis.
Page 29: Terneuzen. ‘Locks … operate 24 hours for three hours either side of high water.' I don't know where those limits have come from. There is a reference on page 387 of the 2008 Wateralmanak, part 2, to the effect that the lock keeper may limit operation in order to save water but no more detail is given. We certainly came through a month ago at low water springs and came through again a couple of days ago at high water springs. We were the only boat in the East Lock at the time.

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P24 Veere.......the YC of course serves excellent food as well as having a bar. Worth mentioning there are now no provisioning shops at all, not even a baker, the whole place has been taken over by tourist-oriented shopping.
P25 Delta Marina - most expensive moorings we found....loo/shower 'hall' like a palace....anyway, there is a good selection of shops and eateries in Kortgene, plus wifi at the marina although for some reason I could not get on.
P27 St. Annaland.....Large marina; restaurant on site reputed to be one of the best in Holland but has prices to match. Excellent loo block, bikes for hire, free wifi, chandler. On entry to marina, head round to right, first pontoon encountered is place to stop and contact HM for instructions. Nice little town, large supermarket, small bars and cafes.
P33 Herkingen.....worth mentioning that the alternative marina, to the left, is perfectly acceptable - in fact we prefer it, it's quieter and very friendly. In 1944 a British airman crashed on the endge of the town, and he is touchingly remembered with a street named after him and he is buried in the local cemetary.

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Warten, Friesland

The main change in our area is that they have removed the fixed bridge to N. of Warten and replaced it with an aquaduct so that there is a fixed mast route for most vessels (there is a maximum beam limitation) through the village. There is work in hand to build a new fixed mast route through Grou, bypassing Wegea, and joining up at the new aquaduct. Knowing the speed of Dutch engineering works this will be probably be completed by next year.