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The long promised new visitor's harbour on the sea-side of the lock at Lauwersoog has finally been opened. The pontoons are located at the west end of the fishing harbour, just east of the sea lock. All the usual facilities, including launderette (including in mooring fee), nearby supermarket and chandlers.

There's more information (in Dutch) on the harbour's website. Their map has not yet been updated, but the harbour is roughly where the green '500' blob is marked (zoom in for more detail).

Dordrecht - shopping

Shopping: The Albert Heijn supermarket that used to be in Voorstraat has now moved another 5 minutes walk away on Acterom.

Visit the Dordrecht page for an updated map


De Ruyterhaven entranceMichael de Ruyterhaven: The "gauge" for depth of water over the sill is made up of a series of unmarked wooden slats on both sides of the entrance. There are nine in total and you need to know that they are calibrated as follows:

Taking the top slat as the 1st, count down to the 8th and 9th slats. The 'upper' and 'lower' figures are for the tide height level with the upper and lower edges of the slats.

8th slat 'upper' - 2.4m
8th slat 'lower' - 2.2m
9th slat 'upper' - 1.7m
9th slat 'lower' - 1.5m

If you can see anything less than 7 slats (i.e. the lower ones are under water) you know you have more than 2.4m depth!

Read more: Vlissingen


City Marina and Entrepot shops

Bridges: Erasmus, Koninginne and Binnenhaven bridges now operate on VHF 20.

Veerhaven: Visitors berths are near to the club house and the phone number of the HM is on a board at the entrance. Ring for assistance or find a place. HM on duty afternoons and evenings.

City Marina: The expansion project to provide a fuel berth and additional moorings planned for 2007/08 has been delayed and is not now expected to start before 2010. The idea of providing berths for large fixed-mast yachts in the Rijnhaven is not going ahead, and the additional permanent berths will be in the Spoorhaven (SW of binnenhaven), freeing up additional visitors space in the main Binnenhaven.

The Entrepot waterside shopping and leisure complex is fully open and comprises a large Jumbo supermarket as well as several bars and restaurants. There is also a new restaurant belonging to the harbour immediately next door to the harbour office.

Nautical books: Available from Observator, Van der Takstraat (5 minute walk from City Marina)