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P24 Veere.......the YC of course serves excellent food as well as having a bar. Worth mentioning there are now no provisioning shops at all, not even a baker, the whole place has been taken over by tourist-oriented shopping.
P25 Delta Marina - most expensive moorings we found....loo/shower 'hall' like a palace....anyway, there is a good selection of shops and eateries in Kortgene, plus wifi at the marina although for some reason I could not get on.
P27 St. Annaland.....Large marina; restaurant on site reputed to be one of the best in Holland but has prices to match. Excellent loo block, bikes for hire, free wifi, chandler. On entry to marina, head round to right, first pontoon encountered is place to stop and contact HM for instructions. Nice little town, large supermarket, small bars and cafes.
P33 Herkingen.....worth mentioning that the alternative marina, to the left, is perfectly acceptable - in fact we prefer it, it's quieter and very friendly. In 1944 a British airman crashed on the endge of the town, and he is touchingly remembered with a street named after him and he is buried in the local cemetary.
P43 Middelharnis....worth mentioning that the footbridge is in the dyke by the (usually open) lock - we didn't notice it and were looking for it up by the town. Tank pumpout is only on the left, just before the town is reached. Loo block on left nearby, and another opposite on the right bank. No fuel at Jachtwerf Peeman that we could see, but there is now a automatic filling station just across the road from it. Only works on cards, though, and UK cards don't work in Holland at present!!! Only quite small box berths round the corner at the top, best ones are on the right before the top.
P52 Numansdorp.....on the SW corner of the quay by the office there is a notice board ('Vrije boxen') listing the spare box berths, which can be read from the boat if you get close enough. Very good free wifi, daily password from the HM. Excellent shops in town (including a cheese-shop to die for) and good restaurants. Loos in HM building are a bit tired, but new ones by box no.100. Yacht harbours apparent just E of the canal entrance, but seem to be part of a private estate.
P34 Volkerak...Ooltgensplaat....I would guess you didn't get there....nice little place, very quiet but friendly, very cheap moorings and very good loos etc. No restaurants that we could see, just one bar.
P41 Haringvlietbrug........beware special opening times and restrictions in strong winds at present owing to some mechanical problems. They don't tend to answer their VHF, but the brug is managed by the people at the Volkeraksluis opposite, who are more communicative.
P25 Zeelandbrug ....I know you suggest people use the Almanak vol 2 (not popular with other yachties I discussed with!) but I think that as you mention the bridge opens twice an hour you might as well add that this is at H+15 and H+45, which I think it has always been.