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Goudse glazenStill popular for its three day special mooring deal, Gouda continues to attract visitors from all directions. The bridge and lock details remain as given, but the harbour master seems to have developed a great preference for sending boats to moor in the Turfsingel (straight on from the Rabatbrug) rather than in the more attractive Kattensingel (left under the Pottersbrug), especially if your boat is on the big side. The Turfsingel does have the attraction of the toilet and shower block (now a bit further down the Turfsingel because of a building site near the Pottersbrug - look for a cream-coloured shed with a red roof - no code, but open during the day), but it is close to the road in a not particularly nice part of town, unlike the Kattensingel which boasts the herenhuizen of the Regentesseplantsoen as neighbours, as well as landscaped gardens. In the Kattensingel there are water hoses in the brown metal cupboards - normally kept unlocked, but if not, complain to the HM. You'll find him in the bridge house at the Rabatbrug, and if you don't feel like paying him a visit, expect a knock on the boat between 8 and 8.30am to collect your mooring dues.

The other change since my last visit is the chandlers, Aquarius Watersport, which has moved from its position near the station to a more sensible spot at the far (SE) end of the Turfsingel. The museumgouda has also moved into premises opposite the St Jans church, so when you come out of the Goudse Glazen exhibition, you can't help but fall into their courtyard cafe - extra special coffee served with all the trimmings.