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For boats en-route to or from Delft, the Delfshaven is a handy and hospitable stopping place, with access from the Coolhaven via the Achterhavenbrug (5m when closed, or call an hour in advance for openings - number is on the bridge!). The first moorings belong to the WSV Verenigde Liggers Delfshaven and there is normally someone on hand to report to at the club ship next to the bridge (where you will also find the facilities and the club bar). If you want to be in the heart of the action, you could continue through to the old Delfshaven but you will need to negotiate the bridge (again, an hour's notice required) and the visitor berths of the WSV Oud Delfshaven are on the south side of the basin, opposite the windmill. Either way, head through to the old harbour for some of the only remaining original buildings in Rotterdam, the Pilgrim Father's church (open Friday and Saturday) and Museum De Dubbelde Palmboom. There are also plenty of gezellig terraces and of course, De Pilgrim bar-restaurant, still drawing the crowds after all this time so I stand by my recommendation of five years ago!

The cruise up the Delfhavense Schie and on up to Delft is a popular one with motor boats and aided by some longer than advertised opening hours, and a new rail bridge with increased clearance.