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De Ruyterhaven entranceMichael de Ruyterhaven: The "gauge" for depth of water over the sill is made up of a series of unmarked wooden slats on both sides of the entrance. There are nine in total and you need to know that they are calibrated as follows:

Taking the top slat as the 1st, count down to the 8th and 9th slats. The 'upper' and 'lower' figures are for the tide height level with the upper and lower edges of the slats.

8th slat 'upper' - 2.4m
8th slat 'lower' - 2.2m
9th slat 'upper' - 1.7m
9th slat 'lower' - 1.5m

If you can see anything less than 7 slats (i.e. the lower ones are under water) you know you have more than 2.4m depth! There is limited space to manoeuvre in the harbour so at busy times it is as well to phone ahead to book a place. The HM runs the bar/restaurant adjacent to the bridge and will normally intercept boats as they enter to allocate a berth. If not there is a reception pontoon immediately to starboard after the bridge where you can stop temporarily.

The bridge stands open at night until 8am, and at other times is opened by the HM on demand if needed.

Toilet and shower facilities are in a block below the restaurant and the access code is provided by the HM when you pay. Electricity is 6A and the supply is fitted into the pontoon so you will need to ask the HM to reset it if you exceed your limit.

VVW Schelde: The walk from the harbour to the town has been reduced to about 15 minutes by the construction of a new bridge at the eastern end of the old Royal Schelde Shipyard.