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Veenvaart, Drenthe

A new cruising route in Drenthe is now available with the opening of the Veenvaart waterway. This 20km canal links Ter Apel on the Musselkanaal to Erica at the east end of the Verlengde Hoogeveensche Vaart. 

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Haarlem - still noisy and dusty, in places!

As one of Holland's largest cities i would have expected a bit more effort to welcome visitors by boat, but despite an enthusiastic reception from the harbour office staff we couldn't really find anywhere suitable to moor for the night.

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Strijensas-St Annaland-Strijensas

In lieu of not having a half term I decided to arrange a mid-term weekend on the boat, just to keep me going to till the visit in the summer. Flying from Newcastle proved relatively straight forward, although with an hour on the metro at the beginning and another hour and a quarter to drive to the boat, it took most of the day to get there and it was borreltijd by the time I arrived (quelle domage).

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