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Whilst you are in the Haringvliet don't miss a visit to the tiny reclaimed island of Tiengemeten. Free moorings during the day in the old harbour but no overnight stays are allowed. 

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Rondje Dordt, by night

We took the Lady Alison up to Dordrecht for the evening to celebrate the cabin boy's birthday and after a jolly meal in the Olympiada greek restaurant, and a drink in the Tapperij de Harlekijn (waiting for a blues band which was on a perpetual break) we decided that the most fun thing to do for the rest of the evening was to make the dinghy tour round Dordrecht's central canals - the Rondje Dordt.

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Rondje Pontje

On Monday morning we decided to pass on the paasmarkt - a special Easter Monday market in town - and instead set out on the Rondje Pontje - a round trip using small ferries -, as advertised in the harbour's information guide.

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