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Our winter berth in the Nieuwe Haven in Dordrecht came to an end at the beginning of April, which nicely coincided with my Easter holiday trip. Even though it was forecast for rain, and we had resolved not to cruise in the rain, we couldn't resist taking the long way round to our final destination of Strijensas, and taking a trip up the Merwede to Gorinchem for the weekend.

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Fort Pampus Island

If you're in the Amsterdam, Muiden, or Naarden area then a great day trip is to the island Fort Pampus, part of a 19th century line of defence around the capital city of Amsterdam. You can take the ferry from Muiden or, better still, visit in your boat and moor up in their small harbour on the south side of the island.

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Bunker route De Punt

Second World War bunkers have been excavated at De Punt near Ouddorp on the Grevelingenmeer. 

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