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Sunny Scheveningen on sea

A stop at Den Haag gives us the chance to explore the seaside delights of Scheveningen.

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De Efteling

A visit to the fairy kingdom...one of Holland's most famous attractions, the Efteling theme park. 

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Leiden - At leisure in resort

I've been to Leiden a couple of times before but I've never had much chance to see the sights, but this time, as Admiral of the fleet, I had to prove that my recommendations were sound and so it was on a sunny Saturday afternoon that three intrepid Broom owners lowered their dinghies from the davits and set off on the Rondje Leiden.

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A visit to Delft must include the new Vermeer visitor's centre where you (and the hordes of other people) will see replicas and interpretations of all his works, although disappointingly none of the originals.

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Rondje Pontje, with pancakes

When we visited at Easter, the cabin boy and I had done the Rondje Pontje (which translates as a cute little bike ride with cute ferries!) from Gorinchem and since my crew had brought their bikes all the way from Newcastle I figured they'd love to give it a go too. 

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