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Bunker route De Punt

Second World War bunkers have been excavated at De Punt near Ouddorp on the Grevelingenmeer. 

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Deventer stilt festival

Deventer Sunset

If you are going to visit Deventer try to time your visit to coincide with the annual stilt festival in early July featuring performers from all over Europe. 

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Tulips akimbo at Keukenhof's spring garden

From JH Jonkman at Sassenheim it was about a 6km cycle ride to the famous Keukenhof gardens, just west of Lisse. This extravaganza of spring flowers is open only from March to May and features Holland's most iconic flower in a dazzling array of varieties, as well as lilies, hyacinths and narcissi.

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Top 10 sights from the water in Leiden

A circuit of the small Leiden canals is a 'must-do' - joining the crowds in their sloops. Stop off at the numerous quays or bars for refreshment en route, or do as the Dutch do and pack a picnic hamper. 

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Sunny Scheveningen on sea

A stop at Den Haag gives us the chance to explore the seaside delights of Scheveningen.

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