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Strijensas-St Annaland-Strijensas

In lieu of not having a half term I decided to arrange a mid-term weekend on the boat, just to keep me going to till the visit in the summer. Flying from Newcastle proved relatively straight forward, although with an hour on the metro at the beginning and another hour and a quarter to drive to the boat, it took most of the day to get there and it was borreltijd by the time I arrived (quelle domage).

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Broom friends Jackie and Kelly arrived on Thursday (by Eurostar luckily, as the Icelandic ash cloud had just erupted that morning).

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We'd planned to take the boat up to Rotterdam for the weekend and decided to do the first leg up to Dordrecht on Friday so we could visit our favourite Jazzpodium on Friday evening.

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A weekend trip to Rotterdam gives us chance to try out some of the city centre mooring options. 

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Our winter berth in the Nieuwe Haven in Dordrecht came to an end at the beginning of April, which nicely coincided with my Easter holiday trip. Even though it was forecast for rain, and we had resolved not to cruise in the rain, we couldn't resist taking the long way round to our final destination of Strijensas, and taking a trip up the Merwede to Gorinchem for the weekend.

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